STEM Challenge

Here at St Therese Catholic Primary School Padstow we are inspiring and encouraging students to be excited about the possibilities of STEM — for example, saving lives or making new discoveries etc.

This term students are invited to participate in weekly STEM based design activities.

The challenge involves students collecting a package from the library each week which includes that week’s challenge instructions and the resources needed. Students will engineer their design solution at home and bring it in the following week to be displayed in the library with their peers’ designs. Prizes are awarded for outstanding designs so students are encouraged to think outside the box and experiment with the resources.

  • The Catapult challenge was to create an elastic band powered catapult to launch a toy.
  • The Maze challenge was to use popsticks to create a marble maze.
  • The challenge was to build a Satellite that can be lifted by a balloon and detach itself then have a slow, safe journey to the floor.
  • The Windmill (Dutch Challenge) was to build a free-standing windmill. When wind is applied, it should be able to propel the blades.